3 Things That Happen With An Outdated Business Phone System In Your Call Center


Call centers turn a profit by performing certain telephone and communication tasks for a client. As the proverbial middleman between the client and customer, you have the important job of maintaining quality connections. If the phone system in your call center is out of date or even the slightest bit dysfunctional, it can create a lot of problems, especially if the issue affects your company's ability to properly communicate with customers. Here is a quick look at some of the most common problems you can run into if your call center is still using an antiquated business phone system. 

You lose important information. 

Every call that comes into a call center is a potential customer with information they will likely have to share with a phone rep to perform a certain function, whether it is to check their account information, arrange travel plans, or whatever other services your call center provides. When the phone system is dysfunctional, it can mean losing valuable information in the middle of a phone call. For example, if your agency handles flight bookings and an employee is in the middle of filling out onboarding information, a dropped call or temporary communication problem can cause discrepancies in the information collected. 

You lose trust with your customers. 

When the phone system is not up to par with your call center's needs, it can cause all kinds of adverse situations that will reflect negatively on your company's reputation in the minds of customers. For example, your customers could lose trust in you because:

  • employees constantly accidentally drop calls when someone calls in 
  • employees are not able to hear what the customer is saying over the phone
  • employees are unable to route calls fast enough to serve customers quickly when they're in a hurry

You lose productivity in the workplace. 

In a call center, every second that an employee spends trying to amend a situation with a faulty phone system is a second they lose in the paid workday. This means that if you do have an outdated, old-fashioned business phone system, you probably lose several minutes every day because of problems your employees run into while using the system. These small increments of time may not seem like a lot, but if you have several employees who consistently have problems for a long time, the cost to your company could definitely add up to a whopping amount of money. 

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26 January 2018

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After having issues with the phone on my desk for months, I finally decided that it was time to seek help with the problem. I started talking with the tech guys about the issue, and they were really great to work with about the issue. They started talking with me about different things we could do to make things better, and before I knew it things were fixed. I wanted to start an entire blog about phone repair, since many offices use landlines, and it is next to impossible to troubleshoot them on your own. Check out this blog for more information.