Get The Most Out Of Your Business's Video Surveillance System


For any business, theft is always a major concern. Not only is there the threat of an outside intruder, but employee theft is also a problem many owners and managers must manage. Installing a video surveillance camera system is an excellent tool to help thwart theft on all fronts. Here are some installation tips you should apply to get the most out of the unit.

Invest in Quality

Ensure you're investing in a high-quality camera. A system of poor quality will do little good, particularly when it comes to identifying a culprit. A camera with poor resolution will make it harder to interpret the captured images, which in a nutshell, will almost render the system useless. If you're unable to purchase high-resolution cameras throughout your building, at least install them near heavily-trafficked areas, such as entrances and exits.

Choose a Remote Access System

Look for camera systems that offer you remote access. The unfortunate reality is that burglaries can occur when you're on the property, and when you're away. A remote access camera gives you the advantage of having a watchful eye when you're away from the premises. Remote access systems are typically available over a wifi connection, with some camera systems having smartphone applications that allow owners to monitor their cameras when they're on the go.

Keep the Camera Locations Private

If you're the owner of a business, make sure you understand that you don't have to tell your entire team the location of all your cameras, even when it comes to your managers. It's helpful to let your team know you're installing cameras, but not exactly where they are for security reasons. Since employee theft is a real issue, an employee with an ill intent that knows the location of the cameras might be able to maneuver around them. If they don't know where they are, they won't have this advantage.

Ensure You Have Ample Storage

One of the worst case scenarios you can face is having a break-in occur and no footage of it. If you have limited memory, a break-in could occur, but the lack of memory would have prevented the system from retaining the footage. So, you could be left unable to prove your suspicions. There are some systems with cloud-based memory, as well as those systems that have an automatic delete cycle to ensure ample storage, such as once every 14 days.

Make sure you're applying these, and many other, tips to get the most benefit from your video surveillance system. For more information, check out a website like


8 February 2018

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